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We're not going to lie: way back in 2009, when we decided to set up shop in a former service station in rural Powhatan County, just about everyone told us we were nuts. Heck, we thought we were nuts. But we crossed our fingers, said a prayer, and hoped that area sandwich aficionados would eventually find their way to our door.


It didn't happen overnight, but slowly word began to get out about the little spot in the middle of nowhere with the overstuffed sandwiches and homemade sides. Over the years we've made more friends and had more fun than we ever could have imagined, and we continue to believe that the best sandwich is one made with love -- and as much delicious stuff as you can fit between two slices of bread.


We hope you'll stop by, say hello, and let us show you why we still like to say "You've  got it made at Maidens!"

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